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    You ought to rekey locks when there is the slightest suspicion that the keys of a certain door are found in the hands of strangers. Thinking about the possibility of someone entering your home or other property by using your own set of keys is terrifying let alone actually having such an experience. What we are trying to do at our Locksmith in Surrey is to prevent such nightmares. As soon as you report your keys stolen, one of our techs will drop by to rekey your home or office lock.Rekey Locks Surrey

    Avoid risks by rekeying locks

    But we don’t only rekey locks in Surrey when there are such urgent needs. Our pros provide rekeying when people move to new properties and as long as the locks of the new house or office are in good condition. For the avoidance of security risks, locks in new places should be changed. But by rekeying a lock, which is still relatively new and in good shape, you save money and accomplish your goal for high security.

    We provide emergency lock rekey

    There are variations among locks and so rekeying is not always an easy task. In our team, we can change the tumbler of any lock and even rekey a residential or commercial master key system. What’s vital about our service is that it is provided by expert technicians and as fast as possible. Our pros arrive at your property fully prepared to rekey the lock. It involves replacing the pins and making a new key. And you can rest assured that we carry the best equipment to do the job accurately.

    What it is required is key change since the original key is either stolen or held by several ex-tenants or ex-workers. So we cut the key to match the new lock configuration and test it to ensure the door locks and unlocks smoothly. By using a quality key replacement and focusing on the job, our pros do outstanding work and without any delay. So whether you need emergency or routine service, come to us. Call us to rekey locks in Surrey today.